Propelling a Smart Home Company from Hardware Leader to E-commerce Champion


A Bulgarian company excels in global smart home and health tech. It offers innovative solutions for home automation, from lighting to security. They meet the demand for wearable tech, tracking health metrics and enhancing lifestyles, along with healthcare products for well-being. 

amazon optimization for smart home brands

Key Challenges

Their approach to Amazon US treated it primarily as a sales channel for their hardware products, neglecting the broader digital marketing and sales strategies needed for success on the platform.

Declining Sales on Amazon US

Limited E-commerce Expertise

Scoop’s Actions

Scoop Global tackled the company’s challenges through: 

  • Analyzing business reports and metrics to identify improvement areas. 
  • Optimizing product listings, marketing, and operations for better efficiency. 
  • Utilizing experienced account managers to manage their Amazon US presence. 
  • Regular reports and insights to track progress and enhance growth strategies. 
Hardware Leader to E-commerce Champion

The Result


746% revenue growth

within 3 months for a Superfoods brand in N. America profitably.

Growth consulting & end to end management

for the UK’s #1 Towels brand on Amazon

E-commerce Triumph

Sustainable Rice Brand Sees 150% Sales Increase in 3 Months

$10M+ in Sales:

Hygiene Tech Company’s E-commerce Success During COVID Outbreak