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Amazon Audit

Listing QC 2 Products 3 Products 5 Products 10 Products
KPI Scorecard 1 Category X 1 Product 2 Categories X 1 Product 3 Categories X 2 Products 5 Categories X 2 Products
Category Research 1 Category 2 Categories 3 Categories 5 Categories
Bestseller Research 1 Product 2 Products 3 Products 5 Products
Competitor analysis 1 Competitor 2 Competitors 3 Competitors
Brand-store audit
Reviews & Seller account feedback
BSR audit
Keywords analysis
Search trends
Amazon SEO check
Ads Campaign analysis
Inventory health
FBA Shipment analysis
Promotions & Deals analysis
BuyBox analysis
Cart analysis
Conversion Rate trends
P&L calculations (FBA & FBM)
Strategic Suggestions

Own Site Audit

Basic hygiene check
Basic CRO
(home and PDP)
Advanced CRO (Home, PLP, PDP, Cart, Checkout)
Page speed audit GPSI GPSI & GTMetrix Extensive Deep-dive by developers
SEO audit Basic
Keyword analysis
Competitor analysis 1 Competitor Upto 3 Competitors
Suggestions Basic

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