Ensuring Your Brand’s Safety from Amazon Hijackers: A Definitive Scoop Global Guide

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Building a successful brand in the dynamic world of ecommerce necessitates a resilient defense against various threats, not least of which are listing hijackers. Understanding the mechanisms behind their operations is pivotal to creating effective strategies that protect your brand and uphold your reputation. Scoop Global presents an exhaustive guide on the proactive measures necessary to shield your brand from potential hijackers on Amazon.

Demystifying Amazon Hijackers and Their Modus Operandi

In the realm of ecommerce, “hijackers” refer to those who eliminate competition by modifying or “hijacking” their rivals’ product listings. They predominantly target flourishing brands with regular appearances in the Amazon Buy Box. 

Hijackers use Amazon’s “Have one to sell?” function. The ultimate goal is to reduce your rankings by removing your content, add inappropriate content that results in your listing’s suppression, or insert false promises leading to customer dissatisfaction, returns, and negative reviews.  

While maintaining backups of your product images and descriptions is a beneficial move, a more comprehensive understanding and application of strategies are crucial to stay ahead of hijackers.

Scoop Global ‘s Counter-Hijacking Strategies:

1. Capitalizing on the Amazon Brand Registry 

The Amazon Brand Registry should be your initial shield against hijackers. By registering your brand with Amazon, you gain an edge in disputes over modified product listings or related conflicts. This registry is open to brand owners with active or pending trademarks. Keep in mind, the registry doesn’t solve the problem entirely but offers leverage when dealing with Amazon regarding damages to your listings.  

2. Conducting Test Buys and Implementing Purchase Limits  

Hijackers often resort to selling counterfeit goods under your listing or selling genuine products at reduced prices to undermine your position.  

To tackle counterfeit hijackers, carry out “test buys”. This involves purchasing a product from a suspected hijacker and recording the details and packaging of the product. You then report this to Amazon as a buyer, citing “a buyer receiving an item not as described”.  

To address hijackers reselling your products, establish a maximum purchase quantity for each item, preventing bulk buying during promotional periods.  

3. Reporting Trademark/Copyright Infringement 

If hijackers infringe upon your copyrighted materials, your only recourse is to report them to Amazon. Amazon is generally quick in taking down any material violating copyrights. This report can be filed through Amazon’s “Report Infringement” page. 

4. Monitoring and Eradicating Fake Reviews 

Hijackers might attempt to tarnish your reputation by posting fraudulent negative reviews. A sudden surge of negative reviews could indicate a hijacker’s interference. These reviews should be reported to Amazon, highlighting any suspicious or defamatory language used.  

5. Regularly Refreshing Product Categories 

A recent tactic employed by hijackers involves shifting listings to the “Adult” category, severely limiting your product visibility. Regularly reviewing and updating your product categories can prevent such hijacking efforts before they cause significant damage.  


Ecommerce, while ripe with opportunities, also harbours threats like hijackers who prefer to undermine competitors rather than improve their offerings. But, by leveraging the Amazon brand Registry, performing regular “test buys,” establishing purchase limits, reporting any explicit copyright infringement or fake reviews, and continually updating your product categories, you can effectively combat these threats. 

For comprehensive, efficient management of these challenges, consider leveraging the services offered by Scoop Global. Our team specializes in providing tailored solutions to brands, ensuring they can navigate the Amazon marketplace with confidence. With Scoop Global ‘s expertise, you can focus on the aspects of your business that matter the most to you, while we handle the complexities of safeguarding your Amazon presence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your brand on Amazon.

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