Re-target, Re-engage, Re-ignite: Your Guide to Amazon Sponsored Display Ads 

Sponsored Display Ads Tips for Amazon

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In the bustling marketplace of Amazon, where millions of products compete for attention, grabbing new customers is essential, but nurturing existing ones can have an even greater impact on your bottom line.  

Sponsored Display Ads emerge as a secret weapon for re-engaging past visitors and reigniting their purchase potential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the why, the how, and the best practices of Amazon retargeting ads, equipping you with the tools to transform past visitors into loyal customers and boost your Amazon sales. 

Why Retarget on Amazon? 

Higher Conversion Rates: 

  • Retargeting on Amazon capitalizes on the principle of familiarity and trust. Users who have previously interacted with your brand are more likely to convert because they are already familiar with your products or services. 
  • Research has shown that retargeted customers have a 70% higher conversion rate compared to non-retargeted audiences, highlighting the effectiveness of this strategy in driving conversions. 

Precise Targeting:  

  • Sponsored Display Ads allow for precise targeting based on specific actions taken by users, such as product views, purchases, or cart abandonments. 
  • By targeting users who have already expressed interest in your products or have shown intent to purchase, you can deliver highly relevant ads that resonate with their needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Multi-Channel Reach: 

  • Sponsored Display Ads extend your reach beyond Amazon’s platform, appearing on external websites and apps through Amazon’s advertising network. 
  • This multi-channel approach ensures that your brand remains top-of-mind even when users are not actively browsing on Amazon, increasing brand visibility and recall among your target audience. 

Boost Amazon Sales with Retargeting Best Practices: 

Segment Your Audience: 

  • Segmenting your audience allows for personalized messaging tailored to specific customer segments based on their purchase history, cart abandonment stage, and product interest. 
  • By delivering targeted ads that address the unique needs and preferences of each segment, you can increase engagement and drive conversions. 

Leverage Dynamic Product Ads: 

  • Dynamic Product Ads automatically showcase relevant products to users based on their individual browsing behavior and purchase history. 
  • These ads eliminate the need for manual product selection and customization, allowing for more efficient campaign management and higher relevance for users. 

Go Beyond Products: 

  • Retargeting isn’t limited to promoting products. You can also use Sponsored Display Ads to promote blog posts, coupons, or brand content to engage users at different stages of their buying journey. 
  • Diversifying your ad content allows you to capture wider interest and provide value beyond just product offerings, fostering a deeper connection with your audience. 

Optimize Creatives: 

  • Experiment with different ad formats, visuals, and messaging to find what resonates best with your target audience. 
  • A/B testing different creative elements allows you to identify high-performing combinations and optimize your ads for maximum impact. 

Track and Analyze: 

  • Regularly monitor your campaign performance data to identify trends, insights, and areas for improvement. 
  • Analyze key metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on ad spend (ROAS) to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. 

Enhancing Retargeting Strategies: 

Retargeting Strategies for Amazon

To further enhance your retargeting efforts on Amazon, consider implementing the following strategies: 

Behavioral Targeting: 

  • Behavioral targeting allows you to reach users based on their online behavior, such as browsing history, search queries, and previous interactions with your brand. 
  • By understanding user intent, you can deliver more relevant and personalized ads that resonate with their interests and preferences. 

Lookalike Audiences: 

  • Create lookalike audiences based on the characteristics and behaviors of your existing customers. 
  • Lookalike audiences share similarities with your current customer base and are more likely to engage with your ads and make purchases, helping you expand your reach and acquire new customers. 

Seasonal Campaigns: 

  • Tailor your retargeting campaigns to coincide with seasonal events, holidays, or peak shopping periods. 
  • Offering exclusive promotions or discounts during these times can incentivize past visitors to make a purchase, driving sales and revenue. 

Cross-Selling and Upselling: 

  • Use retargeting ads to cross-sell or upsell related products to customers based on their previous purchases or browsing history. 
  • By suggesting complementary or upgraded products, you can increase average order value and maximize revenue per customer. 

Social Proof and Reviews: 

  • Incorporate social proof elements such as customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials into your retargeting ads. 
  • Positive feedback from satisfied customers can build trust and credibility, encouraging hesitant buyers to complete their purchase. 

Email Retargeting: 

  • Integrate email retargeting with your Sponsored Display Ads strategy to create a cohesive and multi-channel approach. 
  • Send personalized follow-up emails to users who have interacted with your ads but haven’t converted, providing additional incentives or reminders to complete their purchases. 

Expanding Reach with Retargeting Across Amazon’s Ecosystem: 

Amazon Retargeting tips

Amazon DSP Integration: 

  • Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) offers advanced targeting and advertising solutions beyond Sponsored Display Ads. 
  • Integrating Amazon DSP with your retargeting strategy allows for more extensive reach and access to Amazon’s entire advertising ecosystem, including display, video, and audio formats. 
  • By leveraging Amazon DSP, you can reach users across various devices, platforms, and formats, maximizing your exposure and engagement opportunities. 

External Website Retargeting: 

  • In addition to retargeting users within Amazon’s platform, you can extend your reach to external websites and apps through Amazon’s advertising network. 
  • Displaying retargeting ads on external sites relevant to your target audience expands your visibility and reinforces brand recall, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Cross-Device Retargeting: 

  • Many shoppers use multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, throughout their purchasing journey. 
  • Implementing cross-device retargeting ensures a seamless experience for users as they transition between devices, maintaining continuity and engagement with your brand across all touchpoints. 

Retargeting on Amazon-Owned Properties: 

  • Amazon owns a range of properties beyond its core e-commerce platform, including Kindle, Audible, and Twitch. 
  • Leveraging retargeting ads on Amazon-owned properties provides additional opportunities to reach and engage with your target audience in diverse and immersive environments. 

Integration with Amazon Attribution: 

  • Amazon Attribution provides insights into how your advertising on Amazon influences shopping activity both on and off Amazon. 
  • By integrating Sponsored Display Ads with Amazon Attribution, you can gain valuable insights into the full customer journey and optimize your advertising efforts across channels for maximum impact. 

Setting Up Retargeting Campaigns on Sponsored Display: 

  • Navigate to the Sponsored Display campaign section in Seller Central. 
  • Choose “Products” or “Automatic Targeting” based on your desired campaign focus. 
  • Select “Audiences” and choose from pre-built audience segments or create your own based on specific product interactions or browsing behaviors. 
  • Craft your ad creatives, optimize bids, and set your budget. 
  • Launch your campaign and monitor its performance closely, adjusting as needed. 

Ready to Re-ignite Your Sales? 

By incorporating these Retargeting strategies and mastering Sponsored Display Ads, you can transform past visitors into loyal customers, driving repeat purchases and boosting your Amazon sales.  

Remember, retargeting is a powerful tool, but careful planning, audience segmentation, and data-driven optimization are key to unlocking its full potential. So, go forth, re-target with confidence, and watch your Amazon business blossom! 

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